brand 2I grew up on Westerns. The traditional values represented by my cowboy heroes reinforced those instilled by a family whose roots go deep in the American dream. As a kid, I rode a barn-sour horse and wore my six-guns to bed. All-in-all it was a great way to grow up, even if it wasn’t until I left college that I saw any of the land inhabited by my heroes.

With my teaching degree in hand, I moved west to Arizona and for a decade lived out a few of my western fantasies. Many of my students came from the reservation and it was my privilege to really get to know them as fellow dreamers. As their English and drama coach, we wrote together and imagined together. The next season provided a wonderful family of my own. Life, the universe and everything shifted.

Now, I’m back to dreaming again with my eyes open and a keyboard at my fingertips. I hope my writing captures the adventurous spirit of the west and that I can take many along with me on these fictional journeys into the past. But I promise you, dear reader, that I will research the truth behind the legends. In fact, the research is as much fun as the weaving of the story. I’ve learned so much that is even more fascinating than the myths I grew up believing. If you have a similar interest in history, check out my blog posts where I’ll take you with me to the ghost towns and libraries that hold a treasure trove of stranger-than-fiction facts.

My hope for you is a pleasant ride under a wide-open sky and that every story takes you on a new and satisfying adventure. Maybe you’ll smile and even find encouragement for your own adventure. If a story makes you laugh or cry, then I’ve done my job as a writer; I’ve touched your heart.

The Streamlined Biography:

Samantha St. Claire divides her time between her homes in Idaho and the Olympic Peninsula. Traveling along the old Oregon trail has provides her with the wild landscapes and historic inspiration for this exciting new series, The Sawtooth Range. Her own pioneer roots have stirred her interest in the early settlements of Idaho and Montana.

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