Whitcomb Springs

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Welcome to Whitcomb Springs! This is a collection of short stories, and the occasional novella, written by multiple authors. The series is filled with stories of adventure, danger, romance, and hope, and is set in the fictional town of Whitcomb Springs, Montana Territory. The stories span the years of 1865-1885. Although each story may be set during a different time, they are stand-alone and may be read in any order. While the first stories will publish on March 15, 2018, this is a on-going project, so new stories may be published at any time by one of the participating authors.

“Whitcomb Springs”


A Brief History of Whitcomb Springs

Founded in 1860 by Daniel & Evelyn Whitcomb, in what was then the Nebraska Territory, the mountain town of Whitcomb Springs started with a trading post (now the general store) and two cabins. Daniel and two friends from Pennsylvania, James Bair and Charles Carroll, founded the Whitcomb Timber Company in 1860. James Bair died the first winter after arriving in Montana, caught in a blizzard unawares. When Civil War broke out in 1861, believing it their duty to their country and their home state of Pennsylvania, Daniel, and Charles returned east to fight for the Union.

Evelyn had a choice to make—return home or wait for her husband, as Daniel promised to return soon. ‘The war would not last more than a few months,’ he said. And so she chose to remain in Whitcomb Springs. Months became years, and under Evelyn’s close watch, and the help of a friend, the town grew year by year. The Whitcomb Timber Company added “Mining” to its name, and they continued to prosper. Nebraska Territory became the Montana Territory on May 26, 1864.

As families, tradesman, and miners came to the mountain valley, Evelyn Whitcomb offered ownership in businesses to hard workers, benefiting both the town and its citizens, a number that reached one hundred and fifty souls by the end of the war.

Although the war did not reach them, the citizens of Whitcomb Springs feared for friends and family caught in the tumult. When the war ended in 1865, many who had built a life in the valley had lost and loved, prospered and hoped.

“Healing Fire”

healing fire low-resolution
“Healing Fire” Available for Pre-order Now! Release Date March 15, 2018
 After the death of Nora Hewitt’s husband, the citizens of Whitcomb Springs don’t see odds favoring the young widow for holding onto the ranch with only her ten-year-old son to assist. That changes when a gentle giant of a man offers a helping hand. Motivated by compassion and his own grieving heart, the blacksmith becomes a mentor for the troubled boy and befriends the attractive widow, scandalizing the town gossips. Propriety is wielded like a weapon to separate them, but Providence makes its own plans through fire, loss and redemption.

“Tracking Amy”

Release Date April 15, 2018

Riley Buchanan knew he’d been in the mining camps too long when he mistook the pretty widow for a boy. Why a woman like Amy Sutton who could shoot so well struggled to put food on the table for herself and her daughter presented a puzzle to Riley, one he thought worthy of solving. Curiosity put him on her trail. Destiny placed him in her life at just the right time. Would Riley become the missing piece to the puzzle that was Amy?

“Harvest Promise”

Fall 2018

A war breaks people, lives and hearts,

but for Micheline McDonald war can’t break a promise.